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 New League : International Warcraft League (IWL)

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PostSubject: New League : International Warcraft League (IWL)   Fri Jun 05, 2009 3:05 pm

Hey guys I come to everyone with great news today. I am opening an invite league with 16 teams and two divisions. I made this decision because I have been an admin for leagues for awhile now and I feel I'm ready to take on one of my own. This is going to be a 7 week league filled with fun and success. It will be very similar to the old PGS but with a different style, the old WC3L. For season one we will hold qualifiers for 4 teams and do the math that's 12 teams invited. I'm really excited to get this league up and running and I'm trying my hardest to keep things moving as fast as possible.

I do send my apologies for the website. I have asked Dronzer if I could take over the PGS website and he said I could under one circumstance: That I leave all the Battle Reports and scheduling posts on the site. I thought it would be worth it and eventually all of that will go away. So bare with me while everything PGS-Involved is here and soon we will be a complete IWL website(hopefully with a new URL Very Happy).

We're also looking for admins of course! A new league can take anyone we can get so please, get me on MSN at Jump35@live.com or email me at Wc3Jump@gmail.com with your contact information and past experience. We will take all the help we can get!

I saved the best news for last, I am working on getting some prize money for this season. No promises are being made but I AM working on it so stay tuned for that bit of information!


P.S. I should also mention that the standings at the right side of your screen arent correct. The teams in those divisions are not going to be the official divisions they will be changed. That is there just to let people know which teams will be in the league.
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New League : International Warcraft League (IWL)
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