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 EGL Season 4 IS HERE (with shiny changes!)

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PostSubject: EGL Season 4 IS HERE (with shiny changes!)   Sun Mar 15, 2009 10:34 pm

-Chat box added on top of the forum, PGS]Dronzer will always be on it if need assistance.
-Forum categories are messed up we're trying to fix that asap
-Point systems are added more post you have more points you have!


Please welcome Germany myRevenge.Ger to the league! Make a team profile ASAP!

The following teams have been moved: USA CANADA InfC has moved to group A for Latvia Koxx Proteam; Germany myR has taken the slot previously occupied by United States KoC (and United States FnL prior to that)

Also note that the groups have been shuffled and the following teams have new opponents:

Latvia Koxx Proteam is now vs United States vT
Denmark Infernal Gamers is now vs Germany myR
USA CANADA InfC is now vs France w3a

The rest of the games are still exactly the same; the schedule will be reworked asap.

I know the groups aren't perfectly balanced, but please think of the additional work admins have to do to get this league running properly; redoing the frontpage, redoing the schedule, etc... on top of getting PGL+PGCup ready and trying to secure a sponsor, I'm sure you'll understand if the groups are slightly imbalanced.

The PGSeries administration team apologizes for any inconvenience caused.


Removed: 2.7 (Race-Cards)

4.2.5 Teams are to have their matches scheduled by 11:59:59pm EST on the Friday of each designated playweek. Failure to do so will result in Penalty Points.

4.5 Players must play with the race indicated in your roster for the players' first game.

Removed: 4.8 Winner of the current most match receives a veto for the next game.

Added: 4.9 Teams receives 2 Jokers Cards and 2 Sub Cards for the qualifiers
4.9.1 Teams receive 3 Joker Cards and 3 Sub Cards for the regular season
4.9.2 Only one of each card type may be used per clan war

Added: 4.15 The map pool is shared

5.2 A roster may consist of at most 15 players.

Added: 5.7 No players can be added to the roster once the team has played their final match for the season
5.7.1 If a player is ineligible for the teams' final match, said player will be unable to participate in the playoffs unless said player is ineligible due to suspension

Be sure to check the new map pool


Edit: International tYt has disbanded; France war3audio is invited to take their place.
Edit United States KoC is not participating; searching for a replacement team. Groups may have to be reshuffled, schedule formula will stay the same. Teams interested are encouraged to email PGSeries@Live.com with an app. Decision will be made in 24 hours, including reshuffling of groups.

Well after a long qualifiers finally being concluded earlier today, we can now begin Season 4 of the Elite Gaming League!!!

A full schedule will be posted VERY soon, but this week's matches are all organized. With these groups are incoming rule changes, which will be posted in the next 12 hours.

Congratulations to the following teams!!!

Group A
Denmark Infernal Gamers
Germany myRevenge.Ger
Germany Never get Pro
United States Vision + Ventrilo = Victory
France war3audio
USA CANADA Infernal Cry
France War's old School
United States Micro Society

Group B
United States iNtimidaton Gaming
France ubiTeam
United States vT-Gaming
Latvia Koxx Proteam
Europe teamcore-64
South Korea aRirang
United States Keepers of Destruction
France never Give up

Week 1 Schedule

Denmark iG vs Germany myR - Sunday 2pm est // Sunday 7pm cet
Germany NgP vs United States vVv - 0.5PP has been issued
France w3a vs USA CANADA InfC - Sunday 3pm est // Sunday 8pm cet
France WoS vs United States MsY - Sunday 2pm est // Sunday 7pm cet

United States iNti vs France ubi - 0.5PP has been issued
United States vT vs Latvia Koxx - Sunday 1pm est // Sunday 6pm cet
Europe tc64 vs South Korea aRi - Satuday 10:50am est // Saturday 3:50pm cet
United States KoD vs France nGu - 0.5PP has been issued

-EGL W1 Starting Map is: Turtle Rock
-All the games are due by Sunday March 22nd 2009 11:59PM EST
-Please have your matches scheduled by Friday March 20th 2009 11:59PM EST otherwise your team will receive PP's under rule 4.2.5 THIS WILL BE ENFORCED
-Teams if you are unaware of the rules please check up on them; admins are here to clarify and enforce the rulebook
-Do not forget to send your line-ups to PGSeries@live.com 15 minutes before the war with the race indicated on roster
-You only have to only upload the replays you won so both team is responsible for getting which ever replays they won in uploaded
-Replay Upload password : NGGL
-Have good manners
-GL & HF

Last edited by PGS]Zephyr on Tue Mar 17, 2009 9:33 am; edited 9 times in total
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PostSubject: Re: EGL Season 4 IS HERE (with shiny changes!)   Mon Mar 16, 2009 1:02 pm


GL HF all!
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PostSubject: Re: EGL Season 4 IS HERE (with shiny changes!)   Mon Mar 16, 2009 4:51 pm

KoC has decided to not participate in EGL, a new replacement will be announced soon
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PostSubject: Re: EGL Season 4 IS HERE (with shiny changes!)   Mon Mar 16, 2009 10:12 pm

Don't know if it will be taken in account but if needed clan rG would like to fullfill any of the missing spaces, we are currently searching more leagues, and we'd like to participate this one, and give our best.

regards F10
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PostSubject: Re: EGL Season 4 IS HERE (with shiny changes!)   Tue Mar 17, 2009 3:10 am

Yeah, thanks a lot for the spot!
We'll try to do our best!
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PostSubject: Re: EGL Season 4 IS HERE (with shiny changes!)   Tue Mar 17, 2009 11:00 am

lol the old imba rule of 15 ppl roster is now back

also personally thinks a>b =/ o well

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PostSubject: Re: EGL Season 4 IS HERE (with shiny changes!)   Tue Mar 17, 2009 1:43 pm

wtf, again KoD? -.-
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PostSubject: Re: EGL Season 4 IS HERE (with shiny changes!)   Wed Mar 18, 2009 2:19 pm

vT vs Koxx sunday 18:00 CET
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PostSubject: Re: EGL Season 4 IS HERE (with shiny changes!)   

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EGL Season 4 IS HERE (with shiny changes!)
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