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 Last week is Finally Here!

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PostSubject: Last week is Finally Here!   Mon Aug 17, 2009 2:05 pm

We made it! The final week of IWL is finally here. It's been quite a journey so far so let's end the league strong. I know I said last week I would force a time to play the wildcarded matches, but I'm not going to do that. I have a simple solution, if you do not play your wildcarded match you will get 1.5 PP's. Some of these matches are all the way back from week 1 or week 2 and thats just poor management. So get this shit done so you dont end up getting 10 PP's to end the season. If you have issues with scheduling or your opponent isnt responding please contact me because I dont want the teams with good managers to suffer.

There are also teams who havent even played their entire clan wars. This is unacceptable and I've talked with some teams so you guys need to get this done this week or you will BOTH get 5 PP's. THATS FIVE PENALTY POINTS.

Poland BvG [0-5] Germany myR
Russia myK [0-0] Finland FinH - Sunday 20 CET
Ukraine nSt [0-0] France GA

I think I also should let everyone know that there wont be an IWL season 2. This is due to an extreme lack of admins and also to the fact that I will be taking over WGS for Han and things should be a lot easier there. There will still be playoffs but nobody has to worry about being auto-qualified for next season. Now for this week:

Orc InfC.Pride [2-0] Orc BvG.Valer - Twisted Meadows
Night Elf FinH.Peterra & Orc FinH.Capu [1-2] Orc BvG.Show & Human BvG.Inqers
Orc iAct.Naps [2-0] Orc FinH.Capu - Lost Temple
Undead iAct.Shadai [2-0] Night Elf FinH.Peterra - Terenas Stand
Human myK.InShell & Night Elf myK.aNSkyiZLife [0-2] Orc aX.Revived & Undead aX.Showtime
Orc BvG.Valer [0-2] Night Elf aX.Showtime - Gnoll Wood
Night Elf BvG.Paladyn [0-2] Undead aX.Drizzt - Secret Valley
Orc KoD.Minimum [0-0] Night Elf BAD.mOOn-Glade - Melting Valley
Undead TI.GuvnoR [0-2] Human GA.Philo - Snow Drop
Night Elf nSt.Evan [0-2] Undead aAa.Syde - Road to Stratholme
Night Elf UKA.iNsAnItY [0-2] Undead myR.Energize - Turtle Rock
Human myK.InShell & Night Elf myK.aNSkyIzLife [0-2] Undead InfC.Tricksta & Night Elf InfC.Philbois
Night Elf BvG.Snake [0-2] Undead iAct.N2L.Shadai - Road to Stratholme
Orc BvG.Valer [0-2] Undead iAct.N2L.WH - Snow Drop
Orc CoB.Tapion & Orc CoB.Lord [0-2] Human BAD.Xypher & Orc BAD.Kernal
Night Elf BAD.Ors [2-1] Human CoB.Marsch
Random myR.WeakUD [0-0] Night Elf iAct.Foggy - Echo Isles

This weeks matches:
Division A:
United States KoD [0-0] France GA - Sunday August 23rd at 14:00 EST // 20:00 CET
Ukraine nSt [1-3] United Kingdom TI - Friday August 21st 14:00 EST // 20:00 CET
France aAa [4-1] Germany CoB - Thursday August 20th 13:00 EST // 19:00 CET
Spain x6 [0-0] Australia BAD

Division B:
Germany myR [0-0] Germany aX
Finland FinH [2-2] United States InfC
Poland BvG [0-0] Russia Gil&Ast
United States UKA [0-0] Russia iAct.N2L - Saturday August 22nd at 13:00 EST // 19:00 CET

Map Pool:
Twisted Meadows
Turtle Rock
Echo Isles
Ancient Isles

2v2: Lost Temple(RoC)

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PostSubject: Re: Last week is Finally Here!   Mon Aug 17, 2009 4:42 pm

finally it is just useless to end the wildcarded matches because it doent matter if you are in the playoffs or somewhere else. I am very sad about your decisionand why you want to take over the WGS. The IWL was nearly like the WGS and there you will have the sameproblems with admins. and you even dont got better teams in the IWL with NgP and IG. they could also be in the IWL and will get below the first 3 teams of each division.
after all i dont understand your decision.
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PostSubject: Re: Last week is Finally Here!   Mon Aug 17, 2009 6:28 pm

I do understand that decission and I think I would have done it the same way as you just did it. So gl hf with the WGS even though it is a sad story for this league which was not that bad.
But all in all the page and the teams in WGS are so much better than here so it was a very good reason to do what you are going to do.

I wish you all the best mate Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Last week is Finally Here!   Tue Aug 18, 2009 12:58 pm

We wanted to play against BVG on 2 different matchdates and atleast at the forced time. They werent there ONE SINGLE TIME. They just wasted our time, we won't play them. Give us defwin or we'll take the pps. But no CW.
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PostSubject: Re: Last week is Finally Here!   

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Last week is Finally Here!
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