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 Breaks Over, back to business!

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PostSubject: Breaks Over, back to business!   Sun Aug 02, 2009 9:41 am

It was nice to finally get a break from IWL. Although our tournament didnt go through, we made great use of the week by completing 0 WildCarded matches! Wahoo! I hope we get get them all finished before the end of the season or each team will get 2 PP's for every wildcard match unplayed. Here they are:
WildCarded Matches:
Random UKA.Hopez [2-0] Night Elf aX.Showtime - Death Trap
Orc InfC.Pride [0-0] Orc BvG.Valer - Twisted Meadows
Orc nSt.DarkMove & Undead nSt.Skutt [0-0] Night Elf KoD.Mass & Night Elf KoD.Blicero
Night Elf FinH.Peterra & Orc FinH.Capu [0-0] Orc BvG.Show & Human BvG.Inqers
Orc iAct.Naps [0-0] Orc FinH.Capu - Lost Temple
Undead iAct.Shadai [0-0] Night Elf FinH.Peterra - Terenas Stand
Human myK.InShell & Night Elf myK.aNSkyiZLife [0-0] Orc aX.Revived & Undead aX.Showtime
Human KoD.Cruncher [2-0] Human Mak0z - Twisted Meadows
Human TI.Leader [2-0] Undead BAD.Jarvs - Twisted Meadows
Undead nSt.Skutt [2-0] Orc x6.LMW - Death Trap
Orc nSt.DarkMove & Undead nSt.Skutt [0-0] Orc x6.Mack & Night Elf x6.Talon
Night Elf eC.Lapin [1-2] Night Elf CoB.Elloids - Gnoll Wood
Orc BvG.Valer [0-0] Night Elf aX.Showtime - Gnoll Wood
Night Elf BvG.Paladyn [0-0] Undead aX.Drizzt - Secret Valley

Now for this weeks matches:
Division A
United States KoD [4-0] Australia BAD - Friday August 7th at 21:00 EST // 03:00 CET
United Kingdom TI [3-0] France eC - Sunday August 9th at 14:00 EST // 20:00 CET
Ukraine nSt [2-2] France aAa - Sunday August 9th at 15:00 EST // 21:00 CET
Germany CoB [0-0] Spain x6 - Monday August 10th at 13:00 EST // 19:00 CET
Division B
Germany myR [3-1] United States UKA - Sunday August 9th at 14:00 EST // 20:00 CET
Finland FinH [2-1] Germany aX - Sunday August 9th at 12:00 EST // 18:00 CET
Russia giL&aSt [1-3] United States InfC - Sunday August 9th at 14:00 EST // 20:00 CET
Poland BvG [1-2] Russia iAct.N2L - Saturday August 8th at 14:00 EST // 20:00 CET

Week 4 Matches:
Germany myR [0-0] Poland BvG

Map Pool:
Snow Drop
Road to Stratholme
Melting Valley
Turtle Rock

2v2: Gnoll Wood

-Send lineups 30 minutes before the start of the clan war
-Send lineups to iwleague@live.com
-There are NO barred players even if other team allows
-No mutually postponing
-Use the scheduling board
-Schedule your matches before Thursday at 23:59 EST
-The Playweek ends Sunday August 9th at 23:59 EST

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PostSubject: Re: Breaks Over, back to business!   Sun Aug 02, 2009 11:59 am

gl everyone!
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Breaks Over, back to business!
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