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 IWL Week Three

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PostSubject: IWL Week Three   Sun Jul 12, 2009 2:55 pm

Week 2 did not go as well as I thought it would as there was a lot of rule breaking and angry managers. I had clearly posted all of the rules that would be strictly enforced on the post last week and yet some teams STILL could not follow them. I think most managers just skip all of the text and go down to what team they're playing because the people I have dealt with this week seem to have no idea of the rule I enforced. On top of that, since some teams still dont care about scheduling within the playweek, I will just have to increase the pentalty points until people stop doing it. Starting week 3 you will receive 2.0 Penalty Points for scheduling outside the playweek. Some of you might say, just force a default time. I dont want to do that because that is only used if you cannot contact a teams manager or cannot agree on a time to schedule. So hopefully adding more PP's it will persuade people to schedule inside the playweek. Also I saw in the forums that people wanted a replay database. So earlier today I created a database on demonreps.com for everyone to post the IWL replays. You also might notice that we got Waaaagh TV! on our portal so you can see all of the IWL games that are being streamed(special thanks to Atker for creating that). Now here are this week's matches:

WildCarded Series:
Night Elf aG.Sira [0-0] Orc myK.CheerOn - Turtle Rock
Human aX.Frag [0-2] Night Elf iAct.N2L.Foggy - Snow Drop
Human aG.Ferfe [1-0] Night Elf aX.ShowT1me - Death Trap(stopped mid-series)
Night Elf aG.Sira [0-0] Human aX.Frag - Echo Isles
Orc InfC.Pride [0-0] Orc BvG.Valer - Twisted Meadows
Undead nSt.Skutt & Orc nSt.DarkMove [0-0] Night Elf KoD.Mass & Night Elf KoD.Blicero
Night Elf FinH.Peterra & Orc FinH.Capu [0-0] Orc BvG.Show & Human BvG.Inqers
Human myKInShell & Night Elf myK.AnSkyIzLife [2-1] Night Elf iAct.Voland & Night Elf iAct.Naps

Week Two Matches:
Finland FinH [2-2] Poland BvG - Tuesday July 14th at 14:00 EST // 20:00 CET
Russia myK [1-3] Russia iAct.N2L

Week Three Matches:

Division A
United States KoD [3-2] Germany CoB - Sunday July 19th at 15:00 EST // 21:00 CET
United Kingdom TI [1-3] Spain x6 - Wednesday July 15th at 14:00 EST // 20:00 CET
Ukraine nSt [0-0] Australia BAD - Sunday July 19th at 10:00 EST // 16:00 CET
France aAa [4-1] France eC - Friday July 17th at 14:30 EST // 20:30 CET

Division B
Germany myR [0-0] Poland BvG
Finland FinH [1-2] Russia iAct.N2L - Friday July 17th at 14:00 EST // 20:00 CET
United States aG [1-3] United States InfC - Friday July 17th at 20:00 EST // 02:00 CET
Russia myK [1-3] Germany aX - Sunday July 19th at 15:00 EST // 21:00 CET

Solo Map Pool:
Lost Temple(RoC)
Ancient Isles
Melting Valley
Terenas Stand

2on2 Map:
Turtle Rock

-Have all your matches schedule by Thursday July 16th at 24:59 EST
-The Playweek ends Sunday July 19th at 11:59 EST
-Goldshire has been added to the 2v2 pool
-Upload all replays to www.demonreps.com/iwl -- Not Required
-Replay password is Pass
-Contact admins with problems in scheduling
-Use the scheduling board
-There is NO mutually postponing[/i]

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PostSubject: Re: IWL Week Three   Mon Jul 13, 2009 4:48 am

Does that mean we dont have to upload or send the replays?
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PostSubject: Re: IWL Week Three   Mon Jul 13, 2009 9:10 am

You dont need to do anything. But most people would like to watch the replays so it would be nice to upload them to the demonreps database
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PostSubject: Re: IWL Week Three   

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IWL Week Three
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